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Warranty and return of non-conforming items

  • Pursuant to the Law of Obligations Act (VÕS, Chapter 11, Paragraph 218(2)), the customer is entitled to lodge claims within two years of receipt of the goods, of which, if the defect appears within the first six months, it is presumed that it was present at the moment of purchase, and the seller has the obligation of determining the nature of the defect.
  • If the defect is of a technological nature, the customer may ask to repair the item and, if repair is impossible or ineffective, to replace the product. If the product can be repaired, the customer shall not be able to request replacement as this would cause unreasonable costs to the seller.
  • The customer can only request a refund if replacement is not possible within a reasonable time due to the lack of a suitable item (Chapter 11, Paragraph 222(1) of the VÕS).
  • If a defect occurs, the customer shall undertake to inform Infoleht OÜ of the problem by sending an e-mail to or, describing how and when the defect was discovered, and if possible, including photos of the defect.
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